What People "Said"

They all enjoy constructive working relationships with Dynaprice staff.

We run our entire business on the Dynaprice Used Equipment Business data service package. We now get over 90% of our customers through Dynaprice.

Dynaprice lets us present our entire inventory in real time and with an extensive amount of detail.

Most other used equipment software has an inherent flaw: they tied themselves into our deals, demanding commissions.

Dynaprice charges us for a data service only and does not get involved in our business. I deal with my customers, brokers and others the way I always have. This is the way it should be.

For companies serious about selling used equipment on the web this product is the one.

The bottom line is: Dynaprice makes me money.

Capovani Brothers. Inc. - Used Equipment for the Semiconductor and Scientific Communities

Edward L. Capovani

Capovani Brothers, Inc.

There are multiple reasons why we like the data service it provides:

  • Quick listing of surplus equipment
  • Tracking of each sale from negotiation to shipment
  • Integrated customer database that allows targeted marketing email blasts
  • Marketing of our equipment not only from our own public website, but also from the additional eight other Dynaprice marketplace websites
  • Easily customized to upload surplus equipment from other DuPont systems and return sales results to them

Dynaprice does everything that we need it to do!

DuPont Surplus Asset Suprlus and Investment Recovery team

Ray M Weitzel

Asset Management Consultant and DuMES Contract Administrator
E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

I always recognized that Dynaprice offered a unique system that was searchable and highly detailed yet flexible and easily customizable. I had to learn by experience that it also produces leads like none of the other referral services we use.

Thank you for your efforts to produce and continually improve Dynaprice. It has become an indispensable asset to us at Catalyst Equipment.

Catalyst - Dealer of used and refurbished semiconductor equipment

Greg Wright

Catalyst Equipment Corporation

Once we decided to move to the Dynaprice system, the entire process took just a few months before we were 'live', even with some customization requests. Dynaprice staff walked us through each step making the transition as painless as possible.

We receive more inquiries from all over the world than we did with our old website, and this is a direct result of the high-profile positioning on search engines which Dynaprice has provided.

This real-time system allows us to complete entire transactions electronically.

We frequently receive compliments from customers telling us how nice-looking and easy our site is to use.

Investment Recovery Group at Nestlé Purina North America

Deb Hollowood

Investment Recovery Manager
Nestle Purina