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We serve large Fortune 500 companies and small professional used equipment dealers internationally with business systems that currently maintain master records for 47,000 asset classes for one client and have handled over 3,000 internal transfers per month among 1,500 locations. Systems are designed to scale up to much larger numbers of records and transactions.

Dynaprice is the only vendor of fully-integrated, flexibly-configured, web-delivered business systems for investment recovery. Our current data services encompass the full investment recovery function. With the development of a limited number of data interfaces to accounting and maintenance-management systems, our data services can meet most companys' requirements with a minimum of time, total cost of ownership, and development risk -- offering a maximum of expected revenue and savings and with extensive flexibility for future change.


Dynaprice is committed to being the technology partner of choice for participants in the world's secondary markets and worldwide firms managing their own surplus equipment investment recovery. We are committed to giving our clients unique network-based efficiencies and marketing advantages over competitors who operate solo, with outdated business tools, or with outdated business methods.

The role of Dynaprice is that of a data processing vendor to corporations, dealers, brokers, resellers and others who participate in surplus equipment and similar markets. Without commission bias, it helps its corporate clients give priority to internal redeployment of surplus equipment and to interface their surplus inventory with resellers.

Founder and CEO of Dynaprice.com

Ron Randall

Founder and President

...In 1999, three firms experienced with marketing used equipment on the web joined forces to create a company dedicated to providing services to the world's secondary markets, committed to being the technology partner of choice...

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