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Investment Recovery and Sales Promotion Solutions

Dynaprice offers comprehensive, fully-integrated investment recovery business tools with commission-free sales promotion, but without the need for systems operation costs. We operate overlapping marketplaces that provides real-time transparent data visibility increasing exposure across multiple channels.

Because we charge no commissions, we are not biased against a "redeploy first" approach to investment recovery. We support timed auctions or a haggle style approach to asset sales enabling you to make value-based decisions on a case by case basis.

Our data services are flexibly configured with multiple modules to match the internal structures of your organization.

The full Investment Recovery Function at a glance

The web-based DynaSpecs ™ System for easy, extensive customization

All tools are designed from the ground up for parameterization by the DynaSpecs ™ system to support thousands of variations among as many different clients, the business format and goal of, Inc.

With multi-venue configurability and API 'hooks' for optional functional extensions, setup times and costs are greatly reduced.

Our Solutions

Corporate Investment Recovery Suite

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Used Equipment Business Suite

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Partner Services Suite

Form channel partnerships with us using our established Asset Recovery solutions to supercharge your portfolio of services. Learn More...

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