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Surplus Sales Services Suite

A broader range of services for your clients makes for
better and more mutually profitable business relationships

Designed for auctioneers and resellers wishing to expand and more closely link their services to their largest clients, the Surplus Sales Services Business Suite adds new sources of revenue to savings in current operations.

The Suite is delivered as a set of web-connected subsystems, each accessed through a website controlled by you or your clients. It offers services firms the opportunity to provide clients with internal asset management systems that link directly into their own resale and auction facilities. Dynaprice handles all technical operations.

Each website subsystem is custom-configured as a "venue" for selected business activities by your service firm or your client. A sample services firm configuration, linked to multiple clients, is shown below.

Live data on assets available for auction or sale are instantaneously accessible to the services firm as soon as authorized by its clients. Messy, time-consuming data uploads and conversions are eliminated, while the superior illustrated product descriptions help the service firm promote and conclude higher prices for its clients.
Sample Configuration 
Click for more complete description. Included in a typical service firm configuration are:

A Surplus Sales Inventory Management Venue

Configured to obtain all data released by clients to facilitate management and marketing of the clients' assets.

Private Sales and Auctions Venues

As many as needed to serve different markets and/or events with controlled buyer access, each readily configured for permanent or temporary use.

Public Sales and Auctions Venues

As many as needed, with public registration and access.

Member-only Market Exchange

Optionally, one or more, to offer clients an inside track on each others' surplus assets and provide a competitive service extension.

Click the "Detailed Descriptions" links at top left for more complete details on each type of venue.
Only Dynaprice offers Surplus Sales Services firm an easily-implemented business strategy of expanding their services into meeting the internal asset management and redeployment needs of their clients. By reselling Investment Recovery Business Suites into their best clients and overseeing their operation with Dynaprice technical support, they can not only obtain added recurrent revenues, but also build closer working relationships throughout all stages of their clients' investment recovery programs.


Data Links to Clients

Get better data on sale items
faster, cheaper, with direct
client data entry
Dynaprice web-based data entry forms are specialized by product type and designed for rapid and easy data entry. Instead of working from hard-to-use paper copies, let client staff familiar with complex equipment enter fuller specs directly, saving you time, error and effort.

Even better, capture data at the source even earlier through resale of asset management services and systems to your clients.

Reduced Operating Costs

Replace overlapping systems,
cut duplicate effort, and reduce
technology maintenance and support
Complete, integrated recordkeeping, sales and auctioning capabilities are built into the Dynaprice Surplus Sales Services Suite. Client assets can be transferred from client investment recovery systems or entered directly into a single database, and then managed as inventory, sold on websites, or turned into cohorts of live-updated web auctions. Customer lists and data from newly-registered bidders and sources of website inquiries are also databased and made available for selective list construction, management, and use via emails or Avery mailing labels.

Fast Custom Setup

Avoid development cost, time and
risk with rapid customization of a
fully operational data service
Construction of a central private management subsystem linked to multiple buyer-oriented auction and marketplace websites is quick and easy with the DynaSpecs customization toolkit used by Dynaprice (and usable by you directly on a secure website).

Construction of temporary websites for event-based marketing -- either ordinary catalog sales, sealed bid solicitations or multi-item auctions -- is easy with the Dynaprice Surplus Sales Services Suite. Each can be built and customized to a particular set of oproduct categories in hours. And all can be managed from your central Sales Management venue and feed data from marketing operations into the same database and archives.

Live Web Auctions

Manage multiple cohorts of
dutch and single-item auctions
with tight management controls
A complete auction creation, management, operation, and archiving system is available in the Surplus Sales Services Suite. It includes the ability to create in minutes a separate live-updated auction from any item record-kept through the Sales Management (inventory) venue. Each auction appears as a pop-up window on a viewer's web browser, and can be made to work from links or buttons on any page of any client anywhere in the world.

Unlike more primitive systems, product descriptions for the auction are updated instanteously when underlying inventory records are updated, and auction bids are updated on user screens auctomatically every 10 seconds without user "refresh" action.

A complete auction administration system, with reporting at each stage of an auction's life cycle, automatic reporting of results to all participants, the ability to halt, edit, and restart an auction with automatic notification to all active bidders, and other features is provided.

Asset Management Resale

Gain new revenues and tighten
client relationships by offering
client asset management systems
Dynaprice makes it easy for you to expand your business and deepen your client relationships.

Expanding your client relationships into support for your clients' internal redeployment and asset management opertions can be a real, valuable service to large corporations who prefer to work with resellers but know they can improve their internal operations. By delivering them a secure data system for their own use (using Dynaprice as your technology partner), you help them save money and realize their own investment recovery goals while earning data management fees and binding them technically and operationally to you. A double win!

Better Product Descriptions

Attract more and better-qualified
buyers with better specification
of products accessible over the web
Visibly better product descriptions will attract more inquiries to cataloged offers and more decisions to participate in auctions. Experts assess the value of well-publicized better descriptions as a 5-10% increase in prices realized.

Only Dynaprice supports highly detailed, differentiated, and fully searchable product specifications for each type of product sold. Especially when high volumes of certain product types are available to buyers, the source offering him the easiest way to find exactly what he wants is the source he will come back to. The Surplus Sales Services Suite gives you the full power of Dynaprice's unique DynaSpecs system to beat the competition in quality of description offered.

Web Traffic Maximization

Gain added buyer traffic
and higher pricing power through
multi-client portals and markets
Dynaprice systems encourage repeat visits from active buyers and bidders by presenting more descriptive detail on items offered, in easier-to-use formats.

The Dynaprice Interchange Network promotes your offerings and events at many different markets and search portals on the web, multiplying sources of traffic. These include, today, the Dynaprice all-client search portal at, and specialized portals, designed to maximize exposure of your for sale items to internet search engines, at,,,,, for microscopes, and for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. And more are on the way!

Higher traffic to better-described listings means better-qualified inquiries and bidders and higher prices realized -- advantages available only from Dynaprice.