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Data Services

Enabling more profitable sales and operations

Dynaprice offers web-delivered business systems for all the different types of businesses that participate in markets for used equipment or other tradables.

Its data services replace outdated and poorly-interconnected mainframe systems, PC systems, and websites with an integrated business and marketing system that saves time, improves control, cuts costs and exploits web-based marketing to the limit.
For multi-location
Investment Recovery Suite
Provides a separate inventory subsystem for each responsible business unit, networked into one or more internal redeployment websites and/or public surplus sales sites to fit your organization. Data links to resellers of your choice and to multiple web search portals augment your marketing operations and raise realized prices. ... more
For stocking
Used Equipment Business Suite
Simplifies operations by eliminating redundant recordkeeping, giving owners more time to buy and sell. Scale economies let Dynaprice deliver data systems and web-based marketing systems more inexpensively than comparable systems can be built and operated by single firms. ... more
For auctioneers and
corporate resellers
Surplus Sales Services Suite
Provides full inventory, auctioning, and web marketing systems and permits cost-saving, value-enhancing, and relationship-building data linkages to clients, all with the low costs made possible by Dynaprice's scale economies. ... more
For trade associations
and publications
Marketplace Portal Suite
Provides both the technology and the seeded content of live inventories to start and operate competitively sized search portals, product comparison systems, or market exchanges in selected industries. Readily configured in private form for membership-based organizations or public form for classified ad type listings services and market hubs.... more
Only from Dynaprice Unique Features
Dynaprice uses proprietary technologies to fit the data system to you, not the other way around.

Its DynaSpecs toolkit customizes data structures and designs for each client quickly and flexibly, enabling firms to gain Dynaprice efficiencies with minimum change from current recordkeeping standards.

Its Interchange Network makes it easy to duplicate organizational divisions of responsibility and structure within companies, and simplify data flows among companies doing business with each other. It also connects Dynaprice clients with specialized search engines on the web, including its own all-client search portal at These connections increase buyer traffic make the Dynaprice client the most easily found and preferred source of used equipment to buyers worldwide.