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 Fast Custom Setup
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 Multi-Currency Pricing
 Better Product Descriptions
 Standard SKU Descriptions
 Data-based Sales Promotion
 No Commissions
 Easy Data Links
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 Live Web Auctions
 Web Service Resale
 Keep Current Data Formats
 Specs-based Searching
 Dynamic Dealmaking
 Internal Transfers
 Custom Contracts, Reports

Giving Dynaprice clients the edge in savings, revenues and traffic
As a web services provider to many different companies, Dynaprice delivers technologies that would be infeasible or uneconomic for in-house programming staffs or vendors of packaged software. The benefits are significant and are available to Dynaprice clients exclusively.

DynaSpecs:  Fast customization and differentiated product descriptions

The Dynaprice DynaSpecs customization toolkit makes it possible for Dynaprice to serve thousands of different companies with individualized business systems. It also make it easy to customize dozens of differently configured subsystems for different units within large companies, and to quickly change configurations.

DynaSpecs also makes it possible for each business unit or function in a company to have its own data processing subsystem acting as a "venue" configured for its own specific set of business functions. Each is customized as to levels of access, the range of product types seen, the sources from which visible listings are drawn, the extent to which descriptive information on those listings is shown or kept private, and the like.

Dynaprice Interchange Network:  Easy data links within and across companies

The Dynaprice Interchange Network makes it easy for different units within a firm or different firms doing business with each other to exchange detailed listings descriptions and active-buyer inquiry traffic without costly interface and data problems.

This allows inventory holders' live updated public listings to be to be found simultaneously on multiple specs-based search engines and in marketplaces serving many different industries. It makes it possible for the operators of those market portals and exchanges to aggregate a competitive volume of accurate data and to direct active buyers to the inventory holders directly. Without interconnection standards, the custom work required to build and maintain such multiple, overlapping connections is uneconomic.

Dynaprice Market Network:  Collaborative marketing for added web traffic

Interchange Network technology supports the powerful search portal at, which displays ALL the publicly-offered items of ALL Dynaprice clients. WWX provides the best searchability and comparability of used equipment listings across many different sources on the web. It is growing into the "used equipment version" of Yahoo, Google and other less specialized web search engines, whose overwhelming numbers of results vary widely in relevance and format and offer no comparability across sources.

Dynaprice also operates a linked set of other specialized marketplaces for its clients. These currently include,, for vacuum processing equipment, for corporate surplus, for laboratory and scientific equipment, for microscopes, and for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. These add to in funnelling to Dynaprice clients the buyers and search engine traffic that might otherwise go to non-clients. Other marketplaces are under development and will further multiply the number of ways buyers can find Dynaprice clients' offerings on the web.

  Features that make a difference

Reduced Operating Costs

Replace overlapping systems, cut
duplicate effort, and reduce
technology maintenance and support
Dynaprice clients have replaced outdated mainframe systems and combined the functions of overlapping PC systems when they adopted Dynaprice Business Suites, while getting a powerful, dynamically-updated web presence at the same time.

They have eliminated duplicated or overlapping workloads to enter data into separate legacy systems, and ensured faster and more consistent use of that data.

By outsourcing technology support, they have eliminated or significantly reduced the costs of local computer systems, software and database system licenses and maintenance fees, web hosting and bandwidth fees, full- and part-time programmers, web designers and database administrators, and the delays in making changes to in-house systems.

Scale economies in providing data services to many different clients and unique technology for managing and customizing those services enable Dynaprice to provide these functions at much lower cost to each client than any single company can provide them to itself.

Fit to Company Structure

Support distributed management
responsibilities while consolidating and
linking organizational units as desired
Dynaprice customizes a venue subsystem for each organizational unit, configured for its own set of business functions and its own access to shared asset or corporate data. Each unit is separately administered by a manager responsible for the assets or business functions at his unit.

Dynaprice links differently configured venues together to fit the varied levels of data access and aggregation of any corporate structure. All setup specifications are implemented by company or Dynaprice staff using DynaSpecs web-based customization tools, without programming or database administration at the systems level. This is relatively fast and very flexible:  later changes to organizational structures are accomodated in exactly the same way.

A large and growing set of quickly-configurable customizations is available to match each company's internal codes and processes for asset management.

The DynaSpecs System can readily match internal product codes, standard product descriptions, supplier codes and ordering numbers for standard items, company location or geographic encoding, company management levels, and the like. Each registered user of a secure internal system can be given selective permissions and visibility into corporate assets distributed over many units or locations. Names for company locations, personnel identification codes, and levels of management are readily customized. Time periods for such operational processes as scrapping old inventory or expanding the visibility of listings from one business unit to others are easily set.

Web Traffic Maximization

Raise prices realized
with a larger number of
better-qualified inquiries and other search portals operated by Dynaprice focus search engine activity into Dynaprice client public sales websites. They add traffic to your own marketing efforts -- supported by Dynaprice -- for your own website(s).

Buyers like to see well-described products, not hard-to-wade-through mish-mashes of text from a huge list of incompatibly-designed websites -- the type of results they get from the standard internet search engines. When they find a Dynaprice-formatted marketplace showing client listings or your own well-formatted product descriptions, they will look further, not go on to the next site. And they will remember and come back...

Only Dynaprice offers the benefits of collaborative marketing to all its clients and the better product descriptions that capture and retain buyer attention.

Once and Done Data Entry

Eliminate time wasted with
duplicated data entry in
overlapping data systems
An item entered in your inventory system once is immediately available to all other company units needing that information, to your public website(s), for compilation into a print catalog, and at, other Dynaprice markets, and other search portals and marketplace exchanges operated by others. No added effort necessary.

Adding further timesavings to your data entry workload are several other features of Dynaprice data systems:

for Speed
Maximum use is made of multiple-choice, radio button and checkbox form elements to minimize typing of names and the like and minimize associated typing errors.
Data Loading
Entry of any original listing may be followed by return to a data entry form with the just-entered description repeated, speeding entry of similar items one after the other.
CloningThe full description of any listing in an inventory venue may be copied into a draft input form to speed entry of a similar item; copyover of the data in the Company's custom inventory record (e.g., source and cost) from the original listing may be sought for some clones and not for others.
Data Loading
For rapid data entry into departmental or other internal systems not requiring the sales promotion value of item-specific specifications, descriptive form fields beyond Make/Model/Description may be omitted from data entry screens; short-form data entry may be used for internal redeployment, then extended later with more complete, sales-oriented product descriptions when listings are released for outside sales.
Headline / Summary
Text Automation
Parameters may be set to automate construction of Headline and Summmary data fields (used in cross- or multi-category lists of items) from Make, Model, and Product Category fields.
Full Spreadsheets
and Acrobat Files
Complete spreadsheets or other documents saved in HTML format, and complete Adobe Acrobat PDF files (such as systems components lists or user manuals) may be uploaded to extend the description of a listing with a long list of components or included parts.
SKU Asset
Company-established "standard descriptions" (and internal transfer valuations) can be uploaded into, and maintained within, Dynaprice Corporate systems, permitting rapid completion of fully-detailed item descriptions by simple entry of company SKU codes (see below).

Take the time saved and put it to more valuable use -- courtesy of Dynaprice.

Company-standard Descriptions

Speed and standardize
data entry and searching
for company-coded items
Dynaprice supports company-custom SKU descriptions as may be found in existing inventory or asset management systems.

Using company-specific identifiers for standard parts, supplies, or classes of asset, company-standard valuations, descriptions, packaging characteristics, ordering and re-ordering parameters and the like can easily be uploaded into Dynaprice asset management, internal redeployment and surplus sales systems. Company users of internal systems supplied by Dynaprice can then use the company identifiers to speed data entry and searching and the preparation of custom reports for internal accounting or evaluation.

Dynaprice provides a complete data maintenance system for tables of "standard descriptions" to be used as templates for the entry of live listings. This facility may be combined with inventory data records (customized to Company needs) to create complete asset management systems, systems that would be seamlessly integrated with internal redeployment and surplus sales facilities.

Fast Custom Setup

Avoid development cost, time and
risk with rapid customization of a
fully operational data service
Only Dynaprice starts a client customization project with the dual advantages of: 1) fully operational data service components designed to be customized, and 2) its DynaSpecs customization toolkit to implement flexible customizations.

Using this powerful and unique combination, Dynaprice can configure and link business operations "venues" to meet any company organizational structure quickly and reliably. The same tools enable it to match pre-existing inventory system data fields for each client (each different from every other client) instead of having to convert pre-existing data to a vendor-specified format. This speeds data conversion and shortens the time to initial live operations.

Product classifications; parts numbering systems; and company location, organization and accounting codes can be imported with minimum change into initial setups to minimize impacts on current procedures. Initial, coarse product classifications can be refined into finer subcategories later for better marketing outcomes and live inventory reclassified at minimum effort.

Live Listings Consolidation

Avoid delays and extra effort
keeping item data uploaded and
up-to-date at multiple locations
Inconvenient linkages often introduce delays between inventory recordkeeping and the listing of items available at intra-company redeployment or external marketing-oriented websites. The added work to keep changes in inventory information up-to-date beyond the inventory system often makes data at other locations inaccurate and outdated. This has proven to be a major cause of the failure of early ventures in web market-making.

The problems are eliminated and the solution effortless for clients using Dynaprice inventory venues. Data visible at all locations linked over the Interchange Network to other systems and websites within the company, and at private and/or public search portals and exchanges outside the company, are exactly the same as the latest changes to private inventory records.

Multi-Currency Pricing

Give buyers prices in their native
currencies, while choosing the base
currency for each listing
Dollar-centric pricing is not necessarily what buyers in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world want to see. Quick and easy conversion of prices fixed in dollars, Euros, pounds Sterling or 60 other currencies into the local currency of the buyer can spur sales.

Dynaprice data systems may be specified to permit price data entry in multiple currencies and to display prices either in a single, viewer-selected currency or in the mix of the currencies specified for each listing. Foreign exchange rates are updated daily using data from multiple sources as collected and provided by Transactions are priced in the currency specified with the original listing.

These facilities are especially useful for clients with multi-national operations and large local markets.

Better Product Descriptions

Build buyer traffic by making it
easier to find what's needed, while
screening out unqualified inquiries
Only Dynaprice has developed special tools to create and manage highly detailed and differentiated sets of descriptive data fields for large numbers of different types of product -- its DynaSpecs system.

Dynaprice inventory, public and market portal venues can display up to 100 different, fully-searchable "descriptors" for each type of product, a facility that distinguishes Dynaprice client websites from others. Searchable descriptors for "stereo zoom microscopes," for instance, include the "magnification range of the objective lens" and the "type of illumination," while those for a "vertical boring mill" include "maximum swing" and "number of rams."

Flexible specification of packaging is provided. Multiple-count packages and containers of all ANSI standard types can be associated with listings of standard inventory items or supplies, and partial counts and percentages may be used. A carton of 24 cans, for example, may be entered as a partial package with either a count of 12 or a percentage fill of 50%.

The value of better product descriptions turns to cash as active buyers among viewers of public offerings revisit Dynaprice client websites in preference to less attractive and harder-to-use sites. Additional buyer traffic comes from Dynaprice client market portals, which display a larger number of better-described offerings than can be found elsewhere. Corporate internal redeployment venues benefit in the same way, as better facilities for finding suitable available assets increase usage and redeployment ratios.

Cost savings are also produced by displaying more product information to potential buyers BEFORE they take the valuable time of client staff with otherwise less-qualified inquiries.

Companies operating less fully developed internal redeployment systems can calculate the value of increased traffic and screening in their operations by placing their own assumptions regarding these factors into the Investment Recovery Profit Calculator we provide.

Data-based Sales Promotion

Database every inquiry and
manage sales contacts with
email and mailing labels
A full-fledged sales contact management system is built into every Used Equipment Business Suite. All web-sourced inquiries are databased and names, phones, and email addressed captured, while all phone or other inquiries, and existing customer lists, can be entered into the database using its efficient web interface.

Multiple lists of clients can be framed, each with its own characteristics. Custom, arbitrary lists can be built, and individual names excluded from formula-derived lists. All can be used to prepare mass emails that pass through spam filters and Avery mailing labels for catalog or other mailings.

Broadcast emails may be prepared in attractive HTML formats. Tabular summaries of new listings or the results of cross-category searches may be selected for inclusion in attractive emails with live links back to the venue website.

No Commissions

Avoid charges on asset recovery
or sales demanded by
broker-type websites
Unlike most web market providers, Dynaprice does not tie its clients to its own remarketing services. In fact, Dynaprice does no remarketing of its own. It acts as a technology partner, only, to all participants in used equipment and other secondary markets, supporting public websites that carry only client names.

Dynaprice charges only for data services and never charges a commission for business actually done by any client using its data services.

Easy Data Links

Link units within companies
and your company to resellers or
other business partners quickly
The superior product descriptions in Dynaprice inventory systems, flexible inventory data record design, use of industry-standard relational database systems and Dynaprice Interchange Network make it as easy as possible to implement in technology any corporate or business arrangements for sharing data and web traffic.

Each unit's or company's data is kept rigidly secure and accessible only by complex database software (never directly over the web) with access controlled by log-ins, passwords, and/or required access to a corporate network. Data seen in an inventory venue can be selectively screened for release to other units in a company or other firms, all settable using the simple DynaSpecs customization toolkit.

For other parties on the Dynaprice Interchange Network, data links are instantaneous and accurate, and never require over-the-internet data communications. For unconnected parties, data links are readily composed as database extracts for import/export to other systems, with a minimum mof effort.

Print Catalog Pre-prep

Format all catalog product details
live, at the click of a button,
ready for print publication
The DynaSpecs customization toolkit lets each client decide which data fields of which product categories are to be compiled into a Microsoft Word document for submission to a printer. The user interface for making these design decisions is a simple one, accessed through the company user ID and password at its directory within the DynaSpecs website. Images are included through links to graphhics files meant to be provided to the printer on a Read/Write CD or similar medium.

Once the design rules are set up, a single click of a button produces a zipped document that may be downloaded from the Dynaprice server farm to your company, viewed, touched up in Word, and submitted to the printer. Dynaprice clients can change the "styles" template to change the appearance of the product details galley as they wish. No effort need be expended keeping catalog descriptions up to date separately from inventory records.

Live Web Auctions

Manage multiple cohorts of
dutch and single-item auctions
with tight management controls
A complete auction creation, management, operation, and archiving system is available in the Surplus Sales Services Suite. It includes the ability to create in minutes a separate live-updated auction from any item record-kept through the Sales Management (inventory) venue. Each auction appears as a pop-up window on a viewer's web browser, and can be made to work from links or buttons on any page of any client anywhere in the world.

Unlike more primitive systems, product descriptions for the auction are updated instanteously when underlying inventory records are updated, and auction bids are updated on user screens auctomatically every 10 seconds without user "refresh" action.

A complete auction administration system, with reporting at each stage of an auction's life cycle, automatic reporting of results to all participants, the ability to halt, edit, and restart an auction with automatic notification to all active bidders, and other features is provided.

Asset Management Resale

Gain new revenues and tighten
business relationships by offering
data services to other firms
Dynaprice makes it easy for you to expand your business profitably and deepen your relationships with service clients or others with whom you work.

Basic Dynaprice data service Suites themselves can be configured for clients to offer others the right to post listings and wanteds at venues they operate. Such postings can be done directly by others using client-provided user IDs and passwords, or can be done as a paid service by the clients themselves. In the latter case, auctions can be run as well as listings posted.

For operators of Surplus Sales Services Suites, Dynaprice will support resale of complete Investment Recovery Suites to major corporate clients. Introducing your clients to the benefits of the Investment Recovery Suite (overseen by you under your name, but delivered and technically supported by Dynaprice) can strengthen their relationship with you, as you add internal redeployment and tigher controls over inventory to the values you offer. Business arrangements to be negotiated with Dynaprice can add regularly recurring revenues to your own bottom line as well.

For operators of Marketplace Portal Suites, Dynaprice will support resale of complete Investment Recovery or Used Equipment Business Suites to advertisers, association members and/or those who post retail listings at your websites. Business arrangements to be negotiated with Dynaprice can add regularly recurring revenues to your own bottom line, while building your base business through closer customer relationships.

Keep Current Data Formats

Avoid the cost and difficulty
of changing from current records
to fit a new business system
The Dynaprice DynaSpecs customization toolkit makes it easy for each client (or business uknit with a large corporation) to keep the same data fields describing items in inventory as are currently used. Dynaprice matches your specification for an item inventory data record; it doesn't force you to change to match an alien record format.

As a result, you need make minimal -- only desired -- changes in how you recordkeep inventory today to gain the full benefits of a Dynaprice data service suite. And the time, cost, and trouble of converting old files from PC or mainframe file systems to a Dynaprice data service are minimized.

Specs-based Searching

Find needles in haystacks
with every data field for every
type of item fully searchable
If you have wasted time, or seen potential buyers get frustrated wasting their time, trying to find exactly what's wanted within a long list of incompatibly-formatted textual descriptions, then you know the value of well-structured and fully searchable product descriptions. Dynaprice's are the best in the business.

The Dynaprice DynaSpecs customization toolkit creates the working equivalent of a completely separate database table, with unique data fields, for each type of product, making any parameter in any field fully searchable by either the inventory-holder or the prospective buyer. Unlike more primitive systems, no software programming or database engineering is involved, and changes to product description fields can be make even after live data is entered without costly technical work.

The result: better, faster, easier usability -- at reduced creation and maintenance cost -- attracting more traffic over the web, encouraging revisits and reuse.

Dynamic Dealmaking

Conduct and track the history
of haggle-type negotiations on
and off the web
Dynaprice data service suites come with a fully-featured dealmaking system. Starting with a respondent's mouseclick on a web page (to accept, counter-offer, or inquire about a fully described item) or a client's entry of a phone or other off-web inquiry into its database, the Dynaprice data service opens a fully extendable history of follow-on dealings with regard to any transaction. Whether on the web (automatically databased) or off the web (entered by the client), each back-and-forth communication is databased and available for review. Ultimately, all pending transaction histories for an item disposed of are archived and kept available for use in future marketing efforts.

As a distinctive added value, the Dynaprice contact management system uses email (when available) to automatically stimulate competitive interest among multiple inquirers and notify those not concluding transactions when items of interest are no longer available. With a sophisticated "on-hold/off-hold" facility, this automated system saves time and implements customer communications that help you maximize revenues and maintain good customer relationships at minimal effort.

Internal Transfers

Internal transfer orders
are readily formed and delivered
as pick tickets and order confirms
Dynaprice internal redeployment systems support easy ordering and specification of internal transfer shipments of categorized surplus of any kind, from MRO supplies to used capital equipment.

Transfers among multiple usage or stocking locations and multiple destination locations is supported by a Company Location table that can include delivery information for thousands of company locations. Maintenance of company location data may be performed within the Dynaprice Corporate Investment Recovery Suite using the same easy web interface as is used for all other functions. A Company Organization Code table can also be maintained to support accounting and other functions. Company-custom order processing functionality can be added to Dynaprice-standard order entry facilities to implement company messaging, reporting and/or accounting requirements.

Available listings for company-standard items (SKUs) are aggregated from all the locations where they may be present; orders may be placed against inventory at multiple locations. Choice of alternative sources may be based upon either FIFO or shipment-minimization rules.

Instantaneous distribution of pick tickets (including sorted warehouse locations) to all sources involved in an order is accomplished by email, as is confirmation of the complete order. Order confirms identify the source (with email and phone numbers, where available) for each item in the order. All orders are databased for later analysis and reporting, and all emails may be copied into an audit trail email account.

Access to internal redeployment facilities (websites) can be controlled to meet company needs. Access may be limited to those with assigned user IDs and passwords or may be opened to all users who have successfully logged into a corporate intranet. Optionally, internal redeployment may be opened to public viewing simultaneous with internal viewing, but with actual orders controlled by internal inventory managers to favor interal buyers according to company policy.

Custom Contracts, Reports

Completely custom legal and
reporting documents are readily
specified and implemented
Dynaprice can easily create custom contract and report templates from each client's custom inventory data record (and set of contract-related financial accounts).

Reports can be set up with requested parameters to shape and choose the data coverage desired. Contracts can be set up with up to 5 line-item add-on accounts (e.g., holding charges), up to 5 line-item proceeds distribution accounts (e.g., central services, source department, commissions paid), and up to 5 contract-level add-on accounts (e.g., shipping and handling, etc.). A sales tax calculation facility is included to simplify contract completion.