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  How ExxonMobil can maximize investment recovery with Dynaprice data services
 Demonstrations: Configuration for ExxonMobil
Inventory Venue(s)
-- Admin-controlled Staff Log-in 
Inventory and Reserves Management
Dealmaking Negotiations
Contract and Logistics Management
User Registration and Permissions
Promo List Management
Operations: Reports, Archives, etc.
Internal Redeployment Website  
-- Free Access after Intranet Log-in 
Internal Promotion for Redeployment
Redeployment Orders and Logistics
Approvals Procedures
Public Sales Website
-- Worldwide Public Access 
Destination for Inquiries, Offers, Orders, Bids,
    Listings, Auctions, Bid Requests
Display of Featured Items and Specials
Broadcast Email Sales Promotion
-- Multiple Showings on Dynaprice Markets