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  How ExxonMobil can maximize investment recovery with Dynaprice data services
 Dynaprice.com, Inc.

  ... who we are and what we do better than anyone else
Building Blocks to Match Organization Structure:   matching systems to responsibilities
Flexible Ways to Choreograph Dealmaking:   built from our clients' operational procedures
Web-based Configuration and Design Changes:   DynaSpecs™ to minimize life-cycle systems costs
Mobile Data Entry:   speeding data gathering in the field

... not just data processing, but also traffic stimulation ...
Multiple Exposure to Search Engines:   funnelling added buyer traffic to clients
Easy and Effective Promotion with Clickable Emails:   bringing buyers to description/dealmaking screens:

Only Dynaprice provides one-click creation
of website-linked clickable emails for new
listings and recent price reductions:

-- Easy picking of special item sets;

-- Multiple, overlapping promo lists;

-- Auto-maintained criterion lists;

-- Custom-built mailing lists.
Effective email sales promotion