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Used Equipment Business Suite

The time-saving, money-saving way to increase sales
Designed for professional used equipment dealers selling from inventory, the Used Equipment Business Suite features powerful management and marketing tools used by billion-dollar corporations.

This suite of data services was designed by a dealer for dealers. It was designed to combine in one inexpensive, easy-to-use system what had been a separate a PC database for inventory, a separate PC word processing document for print catalog preparation, and a separate, hosted website that displayed listings in only one place on the web.

With the Used Equipment Business Suite, dealers save time in recordkeeping and gain more and better qualified sales opportunities over the internet. Better product descriptions to screen out time-wasting inquiries, a more attractive and easy to use website, and instantaneous display of items for sale on the dealer's website and many other websites aggressively indexed by web search engines make this happen.

Our most established dealer now says: "We get over 90% of our customers through Dynaprice over the web."
Sample Configuration 
Click for more complete description. Included in a typical configuration are:

An Inventory Management Venue for secure management of both private and public information on items that may or may not be shown to the public, with custom configured data on each item.

One or more Public Websites for display of publicly-shown items to one or more overlapping markets (e.g., Machine Tools and Lab Equipment), each website customizable for its intended audience.
Preparation of a print catalog with detailed descriptions of all publicly-shown items is easy with the Used Equipment Business Suite. After choosing how much detail to show for each type of product, the dealer simply clicks a button and downloads a Microsoft Word document that can be sent to a printing firm for final pagination and layout.

Unique traffic-building websites built into the Used Equipment Business SuiteImmediate Traffic Boost
Each Dynaprice client obtains automatic connectivity to the Dynaprice Market Network. Through this Network, each client's public listings are instantaneously accessible via the powerful search engines of the Dynaprice client search portal at and at other specialized portals, such as: for used semiconductor equipment, for used Chemical, Oil & Gas, and other process industry equipment, for used machine tools, for used vacuum Equipment, for corporate surplus assets, for used scientific equipment, for used microscopes...

to multiply web traffic to its clients listings.

Optionally, publicly-shown offerings may also be automatically and instanteously shown at other specialized search engines and market hubs, at membership-based trade association search portals and exchanges, and at resellers of your choice that are connected to the network.


Reduced Operating Costs

Replace old overlapping PC systems
and eliminate server computer,
software, and website costs
Dynaprice clients have combined the functions of overlapping manual and PC systems when they adopted Dynaprice Business Suites, while getting a set of powerful, dynamically-updated web presences at the same time.

They have eliminated duplicated or overlapping workloads to enter data into separate systems, and ensured faster and more consistent use of that data.

By outsourcing technology support, they have eliminated or significantly reduced the costs of local computer systems, software and database system licenses and maintenance fees, web hosting and bandwidth fees, full- and part-time programmers, web designers and database administrators, and the delays in making changes to in-house systems.

Scale economies in providing data services to many different clients and unique technology for managing and customizing those services enable Dynaprice to provide these functions at much lower cost to each client than any single company can provide them to itself.

Overhead Time Savings

Convert effort wasted in over-
lapping recordkeeping into valuable
time for buying and selling
"Once-and-done" data entry means that information entered in your Dynaprice inventory system is immediately available to buyers at your own and at many other search-orieinted websites, for use in your printed catalog and, if desired, for auctions you can run on your own website. And any changes in your inventory, including sales, are instaneously and without added effort reflected in all those other places.

Better product descriptions, and better comparability of products by detailed specs at your own website and in Dynaprice-operated search portals screen out time-wasting inquiries that do not match what you can deliver.

Automated notifications in the sales contact management subsystem reduce your need to notify losing inquirers about sales made to others, or to communicate the receipt of new inquiries to sales prospects slow to close.

And changes to your product line, company structure or location, and the like can be reflected in changes in your data systems within minutes, not months, using the simple web interface of the unique DynaSpecs customization toolkit.

Web Traffic Maximization

Gain added buyer traffic
and higher pricing power through
multi-client portals and markets
Dynaprice systems encourage repeat visits from active buyers by presenting more descriptive detail in easier-to-use formats. The Dynaprice Interchange Network displays live publicly-shown listings from your inventory (under your control) at many different markets and search portals on the web, multiplying sources of traffic. These include, today, the Dynaprice all-client search portal at, and specialized portals, designed to maximize exposure of your for sale items to internet search engines, at,, for vacuum processing equipment, for corporate surplus, for laboratory and scientific equipment, for microscopes, and for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. And more are on the way!

Higher traffic to better-described listings means better-qualified leads and higher prices realized -- advantages available only from Dynaprice.

No Commissions

Dynaprice data services
are completely commission-free
Unlike most web market providers, Dynaprice does not tie its clients to its own remarketing services. In fact, Dynaprice does no remarketing of its own. Dynaprice-operated websites carry only client names, and Dynaprice supports links among its corporate, dealer, and reseller clients only to facilitate business they choose to do with each other.

Dynaprice acts as a back-office technology partner, only, to all participants in used equipment and other secondary markets. Dynaprice charges only for data services and never charges a commission for business actually done by any client using its data services.

Print Catalog Pre-prep

Format all catalog product details
live, at the click of a button,
ready for print publication
The DynaSpecs customization toolkit lets each client decide which data fields of which product categories are to be compiled into a Microsoft Word document for submission to a printer. The user interface for making these design decisions is a simple one, accessed through the company user ID and password at its secure directory within the DynaSpecs website. Images are included through links to graphics files meant to be provided to the printer on a Read/Write CD or similar medium.

Once the design rules are set up, a single click of a button produces a zipped document that may be downloaded from the Dynaprice server farm to your company, viewed, touched up in Word, and submitted to the printer. Dynaprice clients can change the "styles" template to change the appearance of the product details galley as they wish. No effort need be expended keeping catalog descriptions up to date separately from inventory records.

Data-based Sales Promotion

Database every inquiry and
manage sales contacts with
email and mailing labels
A full-fledged sales contact management system is built into every Used Equipment Business Suite. All web-sourced inquiries are databased and names, phones, and email addressed captured, while all phone or other inquiries, and existing customer lists, can be entered into the database using its efficient web interface.

Multiple lists of clients can be framed, each with its own characteristics. Custom, arbitrary lists can be built, and individual names excluded from formula-derived lists. All can be used to prepare mass emails that pass through spam filters and Avery mailing labels for catalog or other mailings.