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Market Portal Suite

Aggregating high volumes of live offers and wanteds
to win the battle of marketplace service delivery

Designed for both private membership trade groups and public marketplace services, the Market Portal Suite uniquely pre-fills a search portal or market exchange with a competition-beating volume of high-quality, up-to-the-minute, live listings from reputable dealers and corporations. The service operator can then attract or sell single or small-volume listings and space advertising based on that pre-fill.

The Suite is delivered as one or more websites configured to meet requirements for one or a whole family of marketplace services. It is designed to support membership services by trade associations and public services by publishers of trade magazines and operators of trade shows, classified advertising systems, and web-based trading systems. Multiple market portals or exchanges can have overlapping product categories, sharing listings (and counts) where they overlap.

A sample configuration for a public market service is shown first below; a sample configuration for a private, membership-based trade group is shown below that. Each marketplace venue can deliver live web auctions to complement exchange-type listings of offers and wanteds.

By eliminating retail postings and resetting other parameters, a marketplace can be turned into a search portal -- providing a valuable, traffic-attracting service for any participant in used equipment markets, including advertising supported information services, trade associations, and magazines on the web.

Live data on assets available for auction or sale are instantaneously accessible to all public or authorized private markets and search portals as soon as they are posted. Updates are immediate at all portals and markets displaying a particular inventory listing or public posting.
Sample Configurations 
Click for more complete description. Included in a public service configuration can be:

Public Market Search Portals

As many as needed to serve different markets, which may overlap in product content, without acceptance of public listings, but optionally carrying paid advertising.

Public Market Exchanges

As many as needed to serve different markets, accepting listings of offers and wanteds from the public as well as showing live inventories of Dynaprice clients, and serving as vehicles for paid space advertising. Different public exchanges may overlap in product content.
Included in a private, membership-based service configuration can be:

Public Member Search Portals

As many as needed to serve different markets, which may overlap in product content, without acceptance of public listings, but optionally carrying paid advertising. These could be designed to provide an extra benefit to trade association members or magazine advertisers, or for other similar purposes.

Member-only Exchanges

As many as needed to serve different markets, each with access limited to authorized members and possibly showing more data on items offered or wanted than would be shown to the public. Such exchanges could serve the function preferred-terms inter-member redeployment sites for trade associations, similar to internal corporate redeployment systems. They can be set up with terms and conditions permitting closer-to-final acceptance of offers than would be possible in uncontrolled public markets and other rules enforced by the membership organization.
Click for more complete description.
Dynaprice lets market service operators overcome the prime reasons most dot-com marketplaces failed in recent years: 1) they could not afford to attract and keep accurately up-to-date a sufficiently high volume of well-formatted listings ("content"), and, 2) their formula of charging commissions on sales denied them the volumes of listings from corporations and stocking dealers needed to attract buyer traffic.

By linking Market Portal systems to the live, changing inventories of dealers and corporations using Used Equipment Business and Investment Recovery Suites, Dynaprice provides a large base of accurate, well-framed listings to users of its Market Portal Suite. It enables them to use this base as a foundation to attract an even larger number of "retail" listings from a membership group or public sources. This makes the delivery of competitive marketplace services more sustainable than otherwise possible.

By delivering this content as a web services provider, not a broker, and freeing display of sourced listings from the costs of manual management and reformatting, Dynaprice eliminates commission charges and lowers the costs of its Market Portal clients, letting them avoid the second source of failure. Dynaprice does this without denying membership groups or resellers selective in whose listings they display the opportunity to charge for their services themselves. And Dynaprice supports "click-through" charges (not commissions) for referrals of live buyers to sources of inventory displayed.


Accurate Live Content

Win competition with other market services
with a larger number of more accurate,
better-described listings content
Via the Dynaprice Interchange Network and with mutual advantage, Market Portal clients display the live public listings of corporate users of the Investment Recovery Suite and stocking dealer users of the Used Equipment Business Suite. This occurs instanteously as inventory data changes and without cost or effort to either party.

The quality of the listings obtained by Market Portal clients is as high as the well-described, up-to-the-minute inventory records of connected dealers and corporations -- who are eager for the added exposure on Market Portal websites.

This volume of accurate, well-described listings content is available through Dynaprice today, and only through Dynaprice's family of web data services.

Reduced Operating Costs

Replace overlapping systems,
cut duplicate effort, and reduce
technology maintenance and support
Complete, integrated recordkeeping, search engine, dynamic dealmaking and auctioning capabilities are built into the Dynaprice Market Portal Suite. Adoption of the flexibly customized Market Portal Suite significantly reduces the up front and ongoing costs of systems development, software licenses and maintenance fees, programming, database administration, web hosting and bandwidth fees, and technical support.

For families of publications or service firms operating in multiple markets, the cost savings are multiplied through avoidance of the separate costs associated with each part of the whole.

And the Dynaprice Interchange Network eliminates the marketing, data acquisition and data conversion costs of the base number of listings sourced from Dynaprice Investment Recovery and Used Equipment Business clients -- costs which have doomed many dot-coms in the recent past.

Specs-based Searching

Offer the best product search engines
on the web, a different, specialized one
for each different type of product
If you have seen users of the the generic web search engines laboriously wade through long lists of incompatibly-formatted textual descriptions to find what they want, then you know the value of well-structured and fully searchable product descriptions. Dynaprice's are the best in the business.

The Dynaprice DynaSpecs customization toolkit creates the working equivalent of a completely separate database table, with unique data fields, for each type of product, making any descriptive parameter in any field fully searchable according to its data type (numeric, textual, dates, or measurements convertible among different units. Unlike more primitive systems, no software programming or database engineering is involved, and changes to product description fields can be made even after live data is entered without costly technical work.

The result: better, faster, easier usability -- a superior service that will attract active users to your service on the web.

Fast Custom Setup

Avoid development cost, time and
risk with rapid customization of a
fully operational data service
Only Dynaprice starts a client customization project with the dual advantages of: 1) fully operational data service components designed to be customized, and 2) its DynaSpecs customization toolkit to implement flexible customizations.

Using this powerful and unique combination, Dynaprice can configure and link business operations "venues" to meet any company structure quickly and reliably. Especially important for families of publications or service firms operating in multiple, overlapping markets, these capabilities enable Dynaprice to support varied subsidiary operations within an overall company framework. This significantly reduces initial setup costs for multiple business units and, more importantly, significantly reduces the ongoing costs of maintaining varied operations within the company.

The same tools enable Dynaprice to match pre-existing listings data fields for each client (each different from every other client) instead of forcing its clients to convert pre-existing files to a vendor-specified format. This speeds data conversion and shortens the time to initial live operations.

Web Service Resale Profits

Gain new revenues and strengthen
business relationships by offering web
data services to business partners
Dynaprice makes it easy for you to expand your business profitably and deepen your relationships with members, advertisers or others with whom you work.

Dynaprice will support resale of complete Investment Recovery or Used Equipment Business Suites under your name to advertisers, association members and/or those who would otherwise post single or small numbers of "retail" listings at your websites. Business arrangements to be negotiated with Dynaprice can add regularly recurring revenues to your own bottom line while building your base business through closer business relationships.

Web Traffic Maximization

Gain user preference and repeat visits
through a higher number of better-quality
listings presented with better searchability
Dynaprice systems encourage repeat visits from active users by presenting more extensive and accurate descriptive detail on items offered. Starting with content from Investment Recovery and Used Equipment Business clients automatically visible at their sites through the Dynaprice Interchange Network, Market Portal clients also present a larger number of items in comparable, easier-to-use formats, and with more powerful search engines for each product type, than operators of unique-format websites.

The Dynaprice Interchange Network establishes across all the websites of all Dynaprice clients a standard, higher level of product description, comparability and searchability. By exploiting this repeatedly-seen, more usable user interface in your market service operations, you gain the benefits of collaborative marketing with all other Dynaprice clients.

Valuable Advertising Sales

Segment traffic from active
buyers by product category to
offer valuable advertising space
The Features Management subsystem of the Market Portal Suite enables operators to manage ad placement on every product classification menu page and on special pages for new additions, recently reduced prices, featured wanteds, and auctions. This requires no manual work for items visible among the listings on each Search Portal or Market Exchange site, and minimal work for items not otherwise displayed.

These high-traffic pages are seen only by viewers who self-select themselves as likely active buyers (or sellers) of certain types of product. As a result, sale of impressions or click-throughs on these pages can support higher unit pricing than advertising in less filtered locations.

The addition of a Search Portal or Market Exchange to other types of business services can add valuable advertising opportunities to an existing web presence.

Fit to Family of Services

Support distributed management
responsibilities while consolidating and
linking organizational units as desired
Dynaprice customizes a venue subsystem for each organizational unit, configured for its own set of business functions and its own access to shared asset or corporate data. Each unit is separately administered by a manager responsible for the assets or business functions at his unit.

Dynaprice links differently configured venues together to fit the varied levels of data access and aggregation of any corporate structure. All setup specifications are implemented by company or Dynaprice staff using DynaSpecs web-based customization tools, without programming or database administration at the systems level. This is relatively fast and very flexible:  later changes to organizational structures are accomodated in exactly the same way.

Cross-sells Base Business

Well presented market data
can add traffic to your
established web presence
For operators of equipment refurbishing, financing, appraising, import-export, transportation, packaging and related businesses, or publishers of magazine or information services on the web, addition of a search portal into used equipment markets can add value to existing customer traffic and differentiate you from the competition.

Visitors drawn to the market data on your website will add to other traffic exposed to your base business, and base bsuiness customers will obtain another reason to use your site in preference to others.