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Corporate Investment Recovery Suite

Managing used equipment is not your core business...
Why not make it simple AND capture lost profits?

Does your company have surplus equipment? Do you scrap equipment in one division and purchase similar equipment elsewhere? The Dynaprice Investment Recovery Suite can deliver lost profits to your bottom line, with a customized system ready to use in as little as 60 days.

The Dynaprice Investment Recovery Business Suite is configurable to fit the way you do business. It operates under your company's name as a secure intranet of connected subsystems. Each subsystem is configured as a "business venue" for use by one or more units in your corporate organization and/or resellers or the public. Each is accessed through a secure company-controlled website from anywhere on the internet around the world. Dynaprice works with your technical staff and Investment Recovery Staff to ensure proper integration.

A sample corporate configuration is shown below.

Live data on assets available for redeployment or sale are instantaneously accessible at any authorized venue. Duplicated or delayed data entry is eliminated. Different venues may be configured to "see" more or less of the complete dataset maintained at the owning business unit, permitting flexible definition of local, companywide, and public data fields. Sales contact management facilities, specially designed for used equipment markets, connectivity to resellers, and extensive administrative functionality are included.
Sample Configuration 
Click for more complete description. Included in a typical configuration are:

Inventory Management Venues

As many as there are separately responsible business units, each with secure controlled access.

Internal Redeployment Venues

As many as needed at divisional, subsidiary, and/or company levels, each with appropriate asset coverage and access mechanisms.

Public Sales Venue(s)

Optionally, one or more public e-commerce websites, each attached to a business unit, division, subsidiary, or the company as a whole. Multiple public sales venues can be configured to serve different markets, e.g., Machine Tools and Office Equipment. Each can have auction capability.

Connectivity to Reseller(s) of Your Choice

Authorized data on items for sale or auction may be transferred easily to auctioneers and other resellers via the Dynaprice Interchange Network.


Fit to Corporate Structure

Support distributed asset management
responsibilities while consolidating and
linking organizational units as desired
Dynaprice customizes a venue subsystem for each organizational unit, configured for its own set of business functions and its own access to shared asset or corporate data. Each unit is separately administered by a manager responsible for the assets or business functions at his or her unit.

Dynaprice links differently configured venues together to fit the varied levels of data access and aggregation of any corporate structure. All setup specifications are implemented by company or Dynaprice staff using DynaSpecs web-based customization tools, without programming or database administration at the systems level. This is relatively fast and very flexible:  later changes to organizational structures are accomodated in exactly the same way.

Full Asset Management

Manage capital equipment
together with standard inventory
surplus in one system for
redeployment and surplus sales
Dynaprice data services are designed to integrate management of all kinds of assets for the twin objectives of investment recovery: internal redeployment and surplus sales.

Individual pieces of high-value equipment or other capital assets are described with item-specific detail for maximum tracking and marketing value, both for internal redeployment and external sales -- something few ERP or Asset Management systems do.

Standard parts and inventory supplies can be given corporate-standard descriptions, together with standard package quantities (e.g., "carton of 24 cans"), supplier codes, ordering numbers, and the like, and can be inventoried and traded using company identifiers (SKUs or Asset Type/Part Number Codes). The listing of available quantities of such items can be speeded by having data input forms automatically pre-filled with data from an Asset Master Record maintained in a Dynaprice "Template Venue."

Dynaprice standard asset template venues can be maintained by periodic uploads from an ERP or Asset Management system or can interface with or even replace certain elements of such systems, providing a more user-friendly and accessible interface and more marketing-oriented description for each asset type. Dynaprice template venues may even be used to store extensive descriptive detail on capital asset types, where available, simplifying data entry for capital equipment as well as standard parts.

Completely secure and private internal trading of both capital equipment and standard asset types are supported in a system that can be made accessible only to company users logged into their corporate intranet. All items traded internally can easily and instanteously be moved (by authorized inventory managers) outside such security arrangements into the Dynaprice Marketing Network for highly-promoted external sales over the Web.

Reduced Operating Costs

Replace overlapping systems, cut
duplicate effort, and reduce
technology maintenance and support
Dynaprice clients have replaced outdated mainframe systems with a powerful, dynamically-updated web-based system.

They have eliminated duplicated or overlapping workloads to enter data into separate legacy systems, and ensured faster and more consistent use of that data.

By outsourcing technology support, they have eliminated or significantly reduced the costs of local computer systems, software and database system licenses and maintenance fees, web hosting and bandwidth fees, full- and part-time programmers, web designers and database administrators, and the delays in making changes to in-house systems. Its scale economies in providing data services to many different clients, and its unique technology for managing and customizing those services, enable Dynaprice to provide these functions at much lower cost to each client than any single company can provide them to itself.

Fast Custom Setup

Avoid development cost, time and
risk with rapid customization of a
fully operational data service
Dynaprice begins a client customization project with the dual advantages of: 1) fully operational data service components designed to be customized, and 2) its DynaSpecs customization toolkit to implement flexible customizations.

Using this powerful and unique combination, Dynaprice can configure and link business operations "venues" to meet any corporate structure quickly and reliably. The same tools enable it to match pre-existing corporate inventory system data fields for each client (each different from every other client) instead of having to convert pre-existing data to a vendor-specified format.

Company coding systems for asset identification and description, company locations, employee identification and management level, supplier identification and ordering/re-ordering codes, and the like are readily uploaded for incorporation into Dynaprice data services.

These facilities speed data conversion and shorten the time to initial live operations.

Collaborative Marketing Benefits

Gain added buyer traffic
and higher pricing power through
multi-client portals and markets
For corporate surplus sales, Dynaprice offers traffic-generating search portals to increase client revenues. Sites such as instantly display surplus inventory to existing buyers on the network.

The Dynaprice Interchange Network makes possible the development of many more market windows into clients' live inventories, each with its own means of attracting traffic. Dynaprice has set up several market-targeted search portals to multiply web traffic to its clients' public listings:, for used vacuum Equipment, for corporate surplus assets, for used scientific equipment, for used microscopes, for used semiconductor equipment for used chemical, oil & gas, and other process industries equipment for used machine tools.

Automatic connections to these marketplaces can be visualized as an extension of the company-only Investment Recovery Suite:

Added traffic generation to raise client revenues

No Commissions

Avoid charges on asset recovery
obtained by internal efforts or
demanded by other service providers
Dynaprice charges only for data services and never charges a commission for business actually done by any client using its data services.

Choice of Resellers

Avoid constraints and facilitate
data links to auctioneers and
other resellers of your choice
Unlike other web market providers, Dynaprice does not tie its corporate clients to a specific reseller. Dynaprice provides data services only, and supports client use of multiple commission-based auctioning and sales service firms.

Interfaces from Dynaprice inventory venues to EBay Storefronts and the sales facilities of other commission-based vendors are, in early 2004, under active development. These will make a Dynaprice inventory management system the easiest way to enter superior item descriptions and related data into those vendors' business systems if inteernal redeployment operations and direct sales efforts through the Dynaprice Marketing Network do not yield timely dispositions.

Internal Transfers

Internal transfer orders
are readily formed and delivered
as pick tickets and order confirms
Dynaprice internal redeployment systems support easy ordering and specification of internal transfer shipments of categorized surplus of any kind, from MRO supplies to used capital equipment.

Transfers among multiple usage or stocking locations and multiple destination locations is supported by a Company Location table that can include delivery information for thousands of company locations. Maintenance of company location data may be performed within the Dynaprice Corporate Investment Recovery Suite using the same easy web interface as is used for all other functions. A Company Organization Code table can also be maintained to support accounting and other functions. Company-custom order processing functionality can be added to Dynaprice-standard order entry facilities to implement company messaging, reporting and/or accounting requirements.

Available listings for company-standard items (SKUs) are aggregated from all the locations where they may be present; orders may be placed against inventory at multiple locations. Choice of alternative sources may be based upon either FIFO or shipment-minimization rules.

Instantaneous distribution of pick tickets (including sorted warehouse locations) to all sources involved in an order is accomplished by email, as is confirmation of the complete order. Order confirms identify the source (with email and phone numbers, where available) for each item in the order. All orders are databased for later analysis and reporting, and all emails may be copied into an audit trail email account.

Access to internal redeployment facilities (websites) can be controlled to meet company needs. Access may be limited to those with assigned user IDs and passwords or may be opened to all users who have successfully logged into a corporate intranet. Optionally, internal redeployment may be opened to public viewing simultaneous with internal viewing, but with actual orders controlled by internal inventory managers to favor interal buyers according to company policy.

Custom Contracts, Reports

Completely custom legal and
reporting documents are readily
specified and implemented
Custom Reports and contracts can easily be created from the client's custom inventory data record (and set of contract-related financial accounts).

Since the system is designed for customization, report and contract templates can be quickly added or changed at any time. Reports and contracts are available at any time through the standard data service web interface.

Reports can be set up with requested parameters to shape and choose the data coverage desired. Contracts can be set up with up to 5 line-item add-on accounts (e.g., holding charges), up to 5 line-item proceeds distribution accounts (e.g., central services, source department, commissions paid), and up to 5 contract-level add-on accounts (e.g., shipping and handling, etc.). A sales tax calculation facility is included to simplify contract completion.