Investment Recovery Profit Gain Calculator

Replace sample corporate assumptions below with your own figures to calculate the added cash benefit
of more effective systems and procedures for internal redeployment and surplus sales

Company parameters
Average Annual Surplus Sales  $/year
Corporate Cost of Capital  %/year earned or saved by freeing cash tied up in unused assets
Cost of Obsolescence  %/year decline in sales value of average surplused asset
Delay in Marketing Surplus  days between decision to surplus and full external sales promotion
Cost of Current Systems  $/year for replaceable costs of current systems, web hosting and support
Estimates of potential benefits
Increase in Redeployment  % shift from surplus sales to higher redeployment (note)
Gain from Redeployment  % increase in value: net purchase offset over surplus sale forgone (note)
Gain from Better Promotion  % increase in average realized price (note)
Gain from Better Descriptions  % increase in average realized price (note)
NET GAIN CALCULATED    $/year        
Composed of:  
Savings from faster promotion of availability  $/year
Savings from increased internal redeployment  $/year
Gains from more effective web marketing  $/year
Gains from traffic pulled by better descriptions   $/year
Current systems-related costs replaced   $/year