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Dynaprice supports the goals of the Investment Recovery Association
About Dynaprice

In 1999, three firms experienced with marketing used equipment on the web joined forces to create a company dedicated to providing services to the world's secondary markets.

With lessons learned from operating a used equipment dealership, an internet service provider, and an internet-based marketplace, the founders of Dynaprice resolved not to follow the internet dot-com dreamers into unrealistic business formulations. As a result, Dynaprice has outlived almost all the aggressively financed competition while helping firms ranging from small dealers to Fortune 500 companies expand cash profits.

Dynaprice is a New Jersey corporation headquartered in Edgewater, NJ, right across the George Washington Bridge from New York City.
Dynaprice is committed to being the technology partner of choice for participants in the world's secondary markets and worldwide firms managing their own surplus equipment investment recovery. It is committed to giving its clients unique network-based efficiencies and marketing advantages over competitors who operate solo, with outdated business tools, or with outdated business methods.

Dynaprice sees used equipment markets as a complex web of major corporations, small, often sub-scale intermediaries, and sales promotion vehicles -- ranging from trade magazines to industry groups to brokers making markets -- all competing and dealing with each other. It sees glaring inefficiencies in these splintered markets and the opportunity to reduce these inefficiencies through proper use of the internet.

ynaprice does not participate as a commission-based operator in any market or business function.

Instead Dynaprice confines itself to the role of a data processing vendor to the corporations, dealers, brokers, resellers, trade groups, publications, and others who participate in one way or another in used equipment and similar markets. Without commission bias, it helps its corporate clients give priority to internal redeployment of surplus equipment and to interface their surplus inventory with chosen resellers and auctioneers.
Ronald K. Randall
Scott R. Conklin
Vice President - Systems & Operations