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Welcome to Lockheed Rotary & Mission Systems

Here we offer for sale specialty equipment used in our business.

To view over 150 detailed, real-time listings of our current inventory, use our Fast FIND search engine above or browse through the product types shown below:

Computers and Related Equipment

Personal Computers • Local Area Networking Equipment • Mainframe Computers • Server Computers • Workstation Computers • Other Computer Equipment • Varied Mixed Lots

Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Equipment • Process Gas & Chemical Handling Equipment • Other Items and Mixed Lots

Environmental Testing Equipment

Heating & Cooling • Other Items and Mixed Lots

Facilities Equipment

Aerial Work Platforms • Furniture and Fixtures • Materials Handling Equipment • Motor Vehicles • Office Machines (excluding Computers) • Other Items and Mixed Lots

Laboratory and Other Technical Equipment

Inspection Equipment • Laboratory Equipment • Material / Physical Testing Equipment • Optical / Photonic Equipment • Surface Processing Equipment • Vacuum Processing Equipment • Other Scientific and Laboratory Equipment • Mixed Lots of Lab and Other Technical Equipment

Machine Tools

Fabricating Equipment • Grinders • Lathes • Milling Machines • Power Presses • Press Brakes • Shears • Other Items and Mixed Lots

Telecommunications Equipment

Handsets, Single-Line Wireline • Handsets, Multi-line Wireline • Private Branch Exchange Switches, Digital • Communications Towers • Satellite Dish Antennas • Earth Stations, Mobile • Other Telecommunications Equipment • Mixed Lots of Telecommunications Equipment

Test & Measurement Equipment

Analyzers • DC Magnetron Drives • Generators • Hipot Testers • Ion Beam Drives • Lock-in Amplifiers • Meters • Optical Test & Measurement Equipment • Oscilloscopes • Power Conditioners • Power Supplies • Radio Frequency Equipment • Other Test & Measurement • Mixed Lots of Test & Measurement Equipment

Other Items and Mixed Lots of Equipment

Bid Requests

Residual Parts and Materials

Electronic Residual Material • Machine Tool Parts • Miscellaneous Residual Materials

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