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  How ExxonMobil can maximize investment recovery with Dynaprice data services
 Dynaprice.com, Inc.

  ... who we are and what we do better than anyone else
Building Blocks to Match Organization Structure:   matching systems to responsibilities
Flexible Ways to Choreograph Dealmaking:
Only Dynaprice can configure and reconfigure
transaction mechanisms from this rich set of
options, built from our clients' business practices:
  • Negotiated price dialogs (recorded)
  • Internal approved redeployment requests
  • External fixed-price orders
  • Catalog offers/wanted with counter-offers
  • Deadlined bid requests for item salvage sets
  • Deadlined silent auctions
  • Deadlined public auctions
... with full contract management facilities:
  • One-click contract creation from agreed deals
  • Choice of pre-configured Terms & Conditions
  • Electronic contract by email
  • Online, flagged contract "signing"
  • Pick lists, pickup/shipping notices, etc.
  • Full/partial shipping/pickup/payment
  • Shortcuts for offline processes
  • Easy interfaces to package carriers, lockboxes
  • On-screen wizard for step-by-step guidance
Maximum ease of implementing procedures in place or desired