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  How Eastman Chemical can maximize investment recovery with Dynaprice data services
 Dynaprice.com, Inc.

  ... who we are ...
Background and mission:   your technology partner

 -- supporting clients with investment recovery technology (only)
Company history and principals:   in 1999, three partners ...
Focus on client profitability:   savings and added revenues

 -- integrated business systems with once-and-done data entry

 -- better on-web product descriptions to screen time-wasting inquiries

 -- automatic sales promotion on multiple web markets
Clients:   running corporate and stocking dealer operations on our systems:

 -- ATT, Lockheed Martin, Infineon AG, DuPont, Dow, Chemours, Praxair, Nestle

 -- Capovani Bros, Catalyst Eqpt, Upstate Semi Parts, Cline Innovations
 -- Conestoga Supply, Anchor ROI serving the Oil & Gas industry...
Multiple Exposure to Search Engines:   funnelling added buyer traffic to clients

Only Dynaprice runs multiple web markets aggregating clients' offerings as buyer-friendly destinations:

 -- WWX.com, KeySurplus.com, 4Semi.com, LabJupiter.com

 -- VacEquip.com, Nomarski.com, ProcessEquipmentMarket.com (others to follow)