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    Item IDItem DescriptionNew Used ConditionODWallRangeGradeThreadingConnectionCondition#PriceNotes
    »cm  in»mm  in$
    179082 1.5" Tubing, #2.90 (wall .145) length x 31.50'Used2787joint count F*
    177869 2-7/8" 6.50# Un-Inspected BareTubing (Houston, Tx)Used2.8750.2170R28 Rd EUE2404joint count F*
    177687 3.5" Tubing # 9.30 Structural3.5000.2540R2USED 3324joint count
    178000 For sale Sucker Rods 3/4 -, 7/8"- and 1" (Houston, Tx)Structural1.000R22267joint count
    179486 Prime - NEW "Arverdi Tubing all sizes" Inquire with Mr. Brian DonerNew23115joint count F*
    180153 Surplus 2-7/8 Tubing New2.8750.2170R2165joint count F*

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